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Infer Education Network was established in 2017 to provide students a unique personal service to ensure bright future and success in the country & abroad to achieve their higher educational goals. Infer Education Network is an A rated recognized education consultancy business in Nepal. Infer Education Network is located right in the heart of capital city Kathmandu, Nepal.

Infer Education Network is a professional consultancy firm gives marvelous study opportunities worldwide not only to local students but students across the country. Infer Education Network is a team of experienced educational consultants, who are self-motivated, client friendly, honest, and approachable and always treats their clients with courtesy and stagnant smile and is adamant to ensure the success worldwide.

Our Services

1) Searching relevant courses for student on their behalf as they do not have enough information to search a course which is desired and relevant to them.

2) Assisting client to choose right institution. As it is difficult for a student to find the right institute as far as the student’s course and finance is concerned. So, we assist the clients in searching an institute which can fulfil his requirements.

3) Arranging the classes for IELTS/ PTE/ OET preparation.

4) Assisting the client to complete visa Application forms.

5) Briefing the client regarding pre-departure issues.

Nepal Office

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